Blackout Martin is the first feature film to be produced by Occupy Films. Martin and his skateboarding friends confront a vicious street gang know as The Warlords. 

I've already got a couple scenes in the bag! Super psyched on how they turned out. Definitely set the tone I was looking for. Now, to move forward, I need to do principle casting. 

Fund Raising

Apple Box Art Show - Apple Boxes hand made by Chris Lambert. Artists then use the apple box as the canvas. The art will be inspired by Blackout Martin. 

Blackout Hot Sauce - So spicy it will make you blackout! Not really but it sure does taste good. Recipe by Sandy Hubshman and LABAN. Get a bottle today and support indie film making!

Backyard Screenings - Watch movies that inspired Blackout Martin. One Dollar entry and speakeasy!

Blackout Vodka - By a bottle of Blackout Vodka and support Blackout Martin!

Blackout Bake Sale - Vegan bake sale. Gluten-free Options available. 

KICKSTARTER - I plan on raising money in 8 crowd funding campaigns.